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Elite Plastiform Boards and Accessories was born out of a necessity to fill the needs of our customers to offer environmentally friendly products that can be used over and over again without degrading. Our forms have been around, and in use, for over 30 years. They can be used hundreds of times and they don't warp, splinter or retain water and cement doesn't stick to them. Many of our forms have been in use for over 15 years.

We are environmentally sensitive as well. Our forms aren't discarded after a few uses. And! We don't denude forests to get the material to manufacture our forms.

We are so confident that our forms will perform better then our competition, we are the only company that offers a lifetime guarantee on them. We do not use recycled composite resins that are cheaper to use during the manufacturing process, but breakdown under heavy use and exposure to heat or cold. If any of our Elite Plastiform plastic forms fail and become unfit for their intended use we will replace them.

Elite Plastirom forms are so lightweight, they are 1/3 the weight of wood. You can carry up to 1,285 ft. if 2"x4"x12' or up to 640 ft. of 2"x6"x12' board on a lightweight compact truck. That's a lot more forms and a lot less expense. Drastically cutting your fuel and labor costs which increases your bottom line.

Elite Plastiform are highly versatile. They are suitable for almost any concrete project where you would normally use a similarly shaped wooden form. Our forms are just the right piece of equipment for all types of concrete form work. Use them for flatwork, foundations, curves and circles. Because of their adaptability and flexibility, and their ability to be stacked, they are an excellent choice for forming stairs, walls, curbs and gutters. No nails or screws to mess with. Everything is quick connect and quick release. Forms are easy to connect using our quick connector and our super easy to use CamLocks that slide and lock onto stakes, either wood or metal, with just a twist of a lever. Set up and tear down is quick and easy. Elite Plastiform concrete forms are up to four times faster to use than wood and metal concrete forms.

An Elite Plastiforms board costs more compared to a wooden board of equal size. But, the comparison in cost ends there. Why? Because you don't replace our boards after just a few uses. They last and last. We see some of our forms in use after over 15 years. Yes, your initial cost is higher but your per use costs are pennies in comparison to a form made of wood. There are so many advantages of using an Elite Plastiform form that at the end of just a few months you'll find that our forms are so much less expensive and easy to use, you won't ever want to use wood or metal again. The typical savings show that you will recover the cost within the first 3 to 4 jobs (if you think about how many wood boards you'd go through during that same period of time. The savings will be obvious). Our Elite Plastiform forms will last hundreds of jobs and give you many years of excellent service! And remember! You can pull them in just a few hours and clean them with a damp cloth when you finish a job! No need to make a return tip to the job the next day. Try that with wood.

Plastiform forms have been used at:
Patrick Air Force Base — Cocoa, FL
US Navy Seabees — Point Mugu, CA
Public Works Departments
Kennedy Space Center
Suzuki Corp. — Japan
and thousands of other locations.
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